Saturday, April 15, 2006

Going to America

Exactly one month from today, I am going to go to the country everyone hates to love (or loves to hate) - The United States of America. Yes, I am going to be one of those Indians.

Over the past couple of years, I have seen many close friends and family (my sister, Kitty Kate) go off to the States, ostensibly to study but really, to start a whole new life there. Before they all left (weirdly enough, they all left the same year, within a few months of each other), I recall one evening when KK (my sister) and a friend (Mr. Prissy Pants) were hanging out in our apartment, talking about what it was that we were looking forward to about the States. All of us came to one unanimous subject - the food.

Now, I know this sounds odd. After all, we all know that American food is hardly of the Cordon bleu variety. When I told Veronica about this, she wrinkled up her pert little nose and said "My country has the shittiest food in the world - everyone knows American food sucks!"

I suppose our fascination with American food comes more from Hollywood than from actual experience. I always wondered, for example, how it would feel to casually eat out of those oh-so-hip Chinese take-out boxes. Hollywood stars always handle their chopsticks with such panache.

The other thing me and my friends ached to do, was to eat one of those "floppy pizzas" (as we termed them). You know the kind - the ones that are so huge and thin that they flop over when you pick them up (think Joey in Friends). And we had to do the bucket-of-ice-cream-in-front-of-the-TV-thing. I love how these svelte, gorgeous women casually open their gigantic freezers and take out a generous bucket of ice-cream (they would never scoop it out, oh no), settle into a couch and eat it with an absent-minded, languorous air (spoon poised tantalizingly mid-air). Sheer heaven (and envy)!

The final thing-to-do on our agenda, was to buy a hot-dog from a hot-dog stand. This was the only thing I didn't do last summer (when I visited my sis). But hey - there's always this summer. Which brings me back to the start. Summer. Ice-cream. Hot-dogs. Floppy pizzas. And its all only a month away.


Veronica said...

Floppy pizza? You people are sick.

But eating ice cream out of the container with a spoon - yeah I do that. Remember, Ben and Jerry's is the best. You should ideally eat it while you're watching those trashy reality shows you like so much.

The Diplomat's Daughter said...

Haagen Das is yummu too. I especially like the caramel one. Oh god, I am going to become a blimp, aren't I?

Karol the fascist said...

I like floppy pizza. Just like in the movies. It is a legitimate all-American axperience. The ripping grease and all. Buju will get rounder and rounder... :)

Veronica said...

What kind of movies are you guys watching that so prominently display floppy pizzas? I have no idea what you're talking about.

The Diplomat's Daughter said...

Wow, so much controversy about the floppy pizza! What about the other stuff? I thought there would be more debate about the chinese-take out! After all, it is kind of greasy and gross...hmmmm...

Hillary For President said...

"Exactly one month from today, I am going to go to the country everyone hates to love (or loves to hate) - The United States of America. "

Now that is just silly. Have you talked to everyone?

Mabye if BushCo stopped with all the shenanigans there would be more love for America.

that what I say.

Veronica said...

You sir, are a twat. Apparently you haven't heard of the humorous devices called exaggerism and hyperbole.

I read your blog and I can see (or at least I hope) that you are a non-native speaker of English, so I am going to tell you this with as much sympathy as I can muster, being someone who speaks three languages myself: Learn how to 1)speak proper English, 2)capitalize and spell half-way decently, 3) not be a pretentious prick, 4)promote your blog without spamming random people with your inane comments.

We don't care what people like you have to say. And your blog is terrible. Most people who commented on it don't seem to like you. I suggest anyone looking for a good laugh go check it out, and leave some comments telling this guy how clueless he is while you're at it.

The Diplomat's Daughter said...

To Hillary-for-President,
Did you even read my blog? Yes, you quoted me back, but I don't think you read the entire post anyway. Sorry if I bored you. Please don't feel obliged to visit again.